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About Airfields

Why AviMap's Airfields?

AviMap’s Airfields’ main purpose is to provide a wealth of quick reference information, to be used as a “stand-alone” or in conjunction with AviMap Aviation Map Book, to assist the VFR pilot.


Frequency Chart (Airfields and Heliports)

While every effort is made to verify the information published, pilots are advised to research their intended destination thoroughly and especially when the destination is an unlicensed airfield or heliport.

Special Rules Areas

Overviews of the Special Rules Areas are provided on pages 52 - 68. Note that these map overviews are not to scale and should therefore be used as a reference in understanding the extent of the Special Rules Areas and boundaries. Refer to AviMap for 1 : 1 000 000 scaled map pages.

Aerial Overviews of Major Airfields

These have been compiled to give pilots an area overview of the major airfields as well as communication information, airfield dimensions, elevation and taxiway references. Further information that may be of use to pilots is added in a remarks column.

Restricted, Prohibited and Danger Areas

A summary of these areas is cross-referenced to pages on which they appear in AviMap. This section contains the identifying reference, the nature of restriction, controlling authority and other pertinent information including special frequencies that may be required during flying operations.

Other Sections

AviMap’s Airfields includes other sections that are of general use to pilots and are self-explanatory ie, sunrise sunset table, conversion tables, transition altitudes, fuel availability, morse code and strip codes.

Changes and Updates

Aviation takes place in a dynamic and changing environment and to this end pilots are advised to consult the SACAA AIPs and ADs, to ensure that they keep abreast of any updates or changes.

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